The monk having completed his 40 days in the desert, returned to the comforts of the monastery. Comforts now considered as such, as before they might have been hardships.

This has been an enjoyable experience for me writing as the monk over Lent. It’s not always easy to keep regularly writing however, so the tale might not be as coherent as sometimes I’d like it to be.

I want to reach out in thanksgiving to all those who attended the Easter Vigil, my first public celebration of the Easter Vigil, this past Saturday. There were attendants both virtual and in person–the first time a public liturgy has been celebrated in my home. It’s becoming more and more clear to me that the graces of our faith manifest with diligence and dedication. The Worship Community of Our Lady of Guadalupe has taken its very first steps over the last few weeks, and recently we’ve been offered a second liturgical space: one that will allow us to celebrate the Mass in a more traditional setting, but also in a way that will allow us to open our worship space to all people who have felt slighted by their faith communities for whatever reason.

My faith walk has been so very enriched by the faces that have joined me on it. God love you all.


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