I’m finding that every time I get into the vestments in my chapel to say Mass, it’s getting not only easier, but more familiar–like I’m meeting an old friend. Today, I celebrated the feast of St. Michael, one of my two patron saints, and the patron of the hermitage. And I’m happy to say that the doubts I was having about being a priest seem to have faded into the background.

During the prayers today, I lifted many. I lifted a grandmother who’d passed in the last day or so, I lifted up the family; I thought about the people in my life that helped my on my journey, specifically those within the Autocephalous Catholic movements that mentored, inspired, taught, and encouragement.

I thought about something my mother asked me while we were in Toronto: what now?

All of us in this movement have different skill sets, gifts, and talents. When I first began with my vocation, I strived to try and bring together everyone out there, feeling that it would be amazing to unite everyone under one common roof. As I studied, as I went into the world and practiced my faith in interactions with people, with prayer, with God, a stillness came upon me that slowed me down, gave me pause, encouraged silence.

We express our gifts differently, but the important focus is always the Eucharist. Without that, we are just social workers with fancy clothes.

Beginning to head towards the Christmas season, I can’t wait to bring the colors and songs into the chapel.

Toronto was a busy place. I enjoyed everything about it–even with the tight schedule. But, I’m very glad to be home. Home in my own chapel.


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