It Is Well

It has been a whirlwind.

When I first came to Toronto, I had a sense of wonder that was likely a little too euphoric. But it was my first trip outside of the province on my own, how could I not behave like the country mouse come to the city! This second time around, being with my family has changed things slightly in that there are people sharing the excitement!

This time the excitement isn’t as overpowering.

We spent three hours at the Royal Ontario Museum; my mom at one exhibit said, “A pot is a pot, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all,” and then spotted a case of Ancient Greek iridescent glass–suddenly a pot wasn’t just a pot anymore. Sushi in gay village, then on to the Art Gallery of Ontario where we saw the Andy Warhol exhibit.

One piece in that exhibit in which Jacquie Kennedy’s face was shown side by side by side initially just looked to me to be different images of her wearing a veil, until I realized that Warhol was creating a narrative of a moment at President Kennedy’s funeral. The images suddenly became a narrative that I wasn’t able to see initially, but once I recognized, was moved almost to tears. How many of us have been in a moment of grief, briefly thought back to the last moment we were with someone we loved, and then re-focused back to the present moment where they are no longer. It was powerful.

I’m in that situation now, thinking back to the initial excitement and joy that was Toronto! Remembering fondly the city, but also the experiences of meeting for the first time my bishop and his husband (and they’re cat!), as well as the community here in Toronto.

I’m met with a sense of grace now that I wasn’t expecting. It’s a calm (I know not how long it will last!) that I’m returning home, that my ordination and first Mass will be events of home coming as well, events of peace. An old country hymn that I’ve been listening to on my morning walks best describes my feelings this morning. It is well with my soul. It is well.

It Is Well

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