Patience is not just waiting, or watching.  Patience is knowing–sometimes knowing that we don’t know.

Patience is being comfortable no knowing, and sometimes acting gently, quietly, subtly, not disturbing the surface of the water.

Patience is active.  Patience is making a choice and waiting for the right time to act.

Patience is letting the steam blow out, the temperature drop.

Patience is active consciousness and love of self; it is the virtue of knowing that sometimes God works in seconds and moments, sometimes in lifetimes and over generations.  It’s accepting that there is a stream, a motion, a movement that we are a part of, that we may have some control of, but in the end we must surrender.

Patience is an act of faith.  Patience with others can be challenging, but patience with one’s self can be even more difficult, require more faith than trusting in others.

Patience is knowing that the day will have rain, but the sun will return.



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