He’s Back!


I was recently at a family event, and one of my cousin’s came up to me and said:  I really like your blog!  You should post more!  Or something to that effect.

I woke up this morning with absolutely no intention of even looking at the blog.  I’m going to the Queen City Ex with my family and my new boyfriend!  Yet, here I am, sitting at my coffee table in my living room in the house that is my hermitage, blogging.

As a gardener, you sometimes have to make decisions with long-term perspective.  Cut out the grass to make room for a flower bed, remove one form of diversity of ecosystem in order to create a more diversified section of the ecosystem.  Diversity equals health, both in terms of plant material and wildlife.

But in the case of a blogger, and a busy person, it can make for an added encumbrance.  I’m going to try to start blogging again! It’s late in the season, but I can still tell some of the stories of the experiences I’ve had in the garden over the past year; but I’m also going to be shifting what I was doing over at OFAJourney here as well to try and tighten it up a bit and make it a little easier.  So on top of the gardening, there’s going to be some reflection and musings about my life as a Franciscan novice and seminary student.  Nothing too heavy hopefully, but just enough to maybe spark some conversations in your own circles.

On that note!  A lot has changed, mostly for the positive, and I can’t wait to start telling the story of the last year or so.  So stay tuned!

He’s Back!

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