These are sun dogs.

15Now I know many of you won’t know what sun dogs are.  This is a picture I snagged that shows what looks like some kind of distortion created and caused by the camera lens.

It is not.

This is what it looks like in the sky.

This is a visible sign in the sky that means if you go outside unprotected your private parts will turn black and fall off.

It is also a sign that it is not a good idea to plant anything outside.

This is why house plants are important when you live in the prairies.  Something someone told me a few years back that I’ve taken really seriously (especially the last couple of years) is that winter is hard on us.  No kidding when we live in a place that the wind can make your face hurt.  The point is creating a space where you will have things around you that draw you back into summer.  Best thing I ever did for myself was move my work space from the basement where I got no sunlight into my room where I get sunlight flooding me in the early morning, warming me up, but also letting me grow geraniums, amaryllis, a bougainvillia, an olive, figs, spider plants, and an aquarium that loves sunlight and gives me great plant grown as a dividend.  Take a little of the green with you like an ark to keep you going.

Ok course rye helps as well.

These are sun dogs.

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