What’s going in!

Ok, so I’ve walked some back alleys and taken some looks in to see what other gardeners are doing:  the raised bed idea, I think, is going to be a winner.  On that note!  I shipped off an order to Heritage Harvest Seeds and have got some interesting heirloom varieties coming.  So….here’s what we have coming in!

Lovage, sneezewort (I just love that name!), Maltese Cross, Swamp Butterfly Weed, Cupani’s Original Sweet-Peas (because my Gramma Mac loved sweet peas), French Breakfast radishes, King of the North peppers, Risser Sickle peas, Red Wethersfield onions, Costata Romanesco squash (they’re zucchini…I think), Red Stalk celery, and something a little different!  Barley.


Here’s the thinking.  Barley, grown in a bed, will not only look beautiful as it greens, even more beautiful when it goes golden with those bushy heads, but will provide enough seed to re-plant as well as compost material.  I’m thinking tall hollyhocks, delphiniums, and the barley interspersed around it will give the bed a nice texture…or maybe not.

Even after ordering all these seeds, the reality has set in that a lot of what I want to do will be less about planning (although planning is going to be critical), but the gardens I’ve grown so far have been aloof, random, buying colour and foliage on the fly from garden centres and planting it as I go.  The flower beds, the lilies, and perennials have always looked really good.  The important thing I think will be to strategically place the beds given the sun.  I suspect given the neighbours fences and high trees all around the garden, I’m going to be pretty protected from wind.   But the end of the day will tell:  the best way to know the soil, the garden, will be to spend time in it.

Oh!  And Dave Ledoux from the “Back to My Garden” podcast just sent me some Aunt Mary’s Ground Cherry!  If this is the one that rolls around like he’s talked about, there could be some good comedy ensuing.

Snow’s still falling.  We’ve had some beautiful days of frost that help me to collect my thoughts on the time spent just looking at a sleeping garden bed as opposed to helping it wake up and grow.  IMG_0891 IMG_0889

What’s going in!

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